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Buying and selling real estate is a complex matter. At first it might seem that by checking local picture books or online sites you could quickly find the right home at the right price.

But a basic rule in real estate is that all properties are unique. No two properties – even two identical models on the same street – are precisely and exactly alike. Homes differ and so do contract terms, financing options, inspection requirements and closing costs. Also, no two transactions are alike.

In this maze of forms, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing and negotiating, it makes sense to work with professionals who know the community and much more. Those professionals are the local agents who serve your area.

How Do You Choose an Agent?

In every community you’re likely to find a number of realty brokerages. Because there is heated competition, local #1 Realty Group agents must fight hard to succeed in your community.

In many cases buyers will interview several sales agents before selecting one professional to work with. These interviews represent a good opportunity to consider such issues as training, experience, representation and professional certifications.

What to Expect From an real estate agent?

Once you select an agent you will want to establish a proper business relationship. You likely know that some represent sellers while others represent buyers. Each will explain the options available, describe how he or she typically works with individuals and provide you with complete agency disclosures.

Once hired for the job, the agent will provide you with information detailing current market conditions, financing options and negotiating issues that might apply to a given situation.

Remember: Because market conditions can change and the strategies that apply in one negotiation may be inappropriate in another, this information should not be set in stone. During your time in the marketplace #1 Realty Group agent will keep you updated and alert you to each step in the transaction process.